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Recent Changes to

Here are the new changes in my homesite since the last update:

  1. Added a new aphorism to the Humour collection.
  2. Added a new what-is-this-sequence riddle to the Math-Ventures section.
  3. There's a new version of my Patch to the Gringotts Secure Note Manager, which fixes a crash in the preferences dialog.
  4. The "Stop Using Internet Explorer!" page was updated with a new link to the number of days IE was vulnerable in 2006.
  5. Corrections, deductions and final solutions were added to the "On the Tip of the Sword" logic puzzle, the "Between the Screws" puzzle and the "Ravensborg Guild" puzzle
  6. Several new fortune cookies were added to the Fortune Cookies collection. Others were corrected.
  7. Some new links were added to the Humour section of the links page.

Happy New 2007!

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