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Recent Updates to Shlomi Fish' Homepage

Welcome to another edition of the news weblog of Shlomi Fish' home-site. There is no spam this time, but a lot of changes that are worth noting.

  1. The aphorisms collection was enhanced to have a title and an anchor for every funny bit and it now has a table-of-contents.
  2. Several new contributions I made were added to the contributions to external open-source projects page.
  3. The LinkVisitor Mozilla Firefox extension was updated.
  4. Added the QClam-Shlomif page to the software. Note that all the changes I made there have already been incorporated into the mainline QClam.
  5. Some new links to useful software were added to my Favourite software page.
  6. Added the Plagger on Mandriva page. (Also see this journal entry).
  7. the Software Construction and Management Tools page was enhanced.
  8. Added a presentation about the Joel Test. The other presentation pages were enhanced considerably.
  9. As usual new entries were added to the fortune cookies page and to the links page.
  10. A review of the book "Perl Hacks" was added to the books recommendations page.

Happy reading!

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