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New Story and Essays

I've started writing a new story titled "Star Trek: We the Living Dead". It is a Star Trek fan fiction with an all original dialogues and plots, but with many characters and concepts from Star Trek and elsewhere. There's little to see there at the moment, but I have most of the plot in my head.

There's a new essay titled "The Linus Torvalds Bus Factor" available. It is based on a short email exchange I had on the Linux kernel mailing list, but is more general in its theme.

Another essay is "My Opinion on Electrical Engineering in the Technion", and a shorter one is this "Use qmail instead" one.

Also added was a "May I Email You about Foo? FAQ question to my FAQ, to help prevent people sending me emails I'm not interested in.

Tags: bus factor, ds9, ee, electrical engineering, essays, linus, star, start trek, story, technion, trek, we the living dead
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