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Decomposition into Square Waves Software and Other Stuff

Welcome to another edition of the Shlomi Fish's homepage news.

I added another question and answer to my FAQ, this time about my IRC parting message.

A funny Technion-originated and related bit (not by me and in Hebrew) was added to the humour section.

There are new fortune cookies in the fortune collection.

Two programs to perform a decomposition of a sine wave into square waves are now available in the open-source bits-and-bobs section.

New links have been added to the against Bad software pages, and the Stop Using Internet Explorer page was especially revamped:

Internet Explorer does not have a public, accessible bug tracker, similar to Mozilla's Bugzilla or what other similar browsers have. This makes bugs harder to report, reproduce, check and track and undermines the users and web developers.

There's a new page containing links to interviews with me and the weblogs page was updated.

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