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New Humour Bits and New Links

Since the last update, the following changes took place:

  1. Three small-scale humorous creations of mine are now available on the site: "The GPL is not Compatible with Itself" (formerly published on, "Introducing RMS-Lint" (also formerly published there), and the new "Cracka's Paradise":

    A recent press conference of the Free Software Foundation confirmed the rumours that the GNU General Public License was found to be incompatible with itself. This newly discovered fact may actually cause a lot of disorder in the free software world in which most programs and libraries are licensed under this licence.

  2. New fortunes were added to the "shlomif", "shlomif-fav" and "subversion" collections in the Fortune Cookies Files.

  3. New links were added to the various Against-bad-software pages and to the links page.

  4. There were several underlying changes to the content management system and build system of the site. In many pages, breadcrumbs' trails are now better and more encompassing, and more pages were added to the section navigation menus.

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