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Park, Hebrew drugs-related essay, and more

The documentation for the Park Lisp dialect has been added into the open-source section:

Why am I doing it? For several reasons:

  1. Because it's fun. This is by itself a good reason.
  2. Because I found that designing your own language is one of the best ways to learn more about the original languages it is based on. When I designed the Perl dialect "Rindolf", I learned that some features I suggested for it were already doable in Perl 5.

Added the Hebrew translation of the "Case for Drug Legalisation" essay:

מכיוון שהסמים אינם חוקיים, הם מופצים על-ידי עוברי-חוק, שדורשים מחיר מופקע תמורתם. מחיר מופקע בהרבה מזה שדרוש לגדל, לזקק ולהפיץ אותם. כתוצאה מכך, יש שוק שחור גדול להפצה של סמים והמשתמשים בסמים נאלצים לבסוף לבצע פשעים כמו גניבה או שוד כדי לממן את הרגלי הסמים שלהם.

אחוז הפשיעה בארצות-הברית גדל פי שניים בשל האיסור על האלכוהול ("חוק היובש"). כאשר האיסור הוסר, הוא קטן חזרה למצבו המקורי. צפוי שפשעים הנובעים מסמים גורמים לריבוי דומה, בשל האופי הדומה של האיסור

The second revision of "Thoughts about the Best Introductory Language" is now available with many corrections and clarifications.

A Linux Kernel Patch to enhance the search dialog of the GUI configuration applet is now available there, as it has not been integrated into the mainline yet.

New fortune cookies have been added.

Added a note to the linking policy about requesting to remove inappropriate links.

KFlickr and the Firefox Uppity extension were added to the favourite open software page.

A "Bookmark me" button was added to the bottom of the main text of all the pages to facilitate bookmarking using online bookmarking and news services. Below it there are now some more text ads, which shouldn't be too intrusive. Finally, a JavaScript script that adds self-referential links to headings with anchors was added, which makes use of the jQuery library.

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