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New Changes for 18-December-2005

Here are the new changes to the home site of Shlomi Fish since the last update. This entry will be divided into two: first the content additions, and then the presentation changes and other corrections.

Content Additions

  1. I published an essay titled "Advice for the Young" (or the Young at heart) continuing the trend of people giving advice to programming wannabes.
  2. A Page about "The Better SCM" Logo was added to the Art section.
  3. A Page with some photographs I took of cats in my neigbourhood was also added to the art section.
  4. A New Puzzles Section was set up featuring the old Math-Ventures page and some new Logic puzzles.
  5. The Software Construction and Management links page was moved to a new location, and heavily updated.
  6. I now have a "Hire Me!" page about the various ways one can employ me.
  7. A new essay - "Reflections on Online Communities" is now in the process of being written. An older incarnation of it is available, but it only serves as comments to the original essay by Joel Spolsky.
  8. A new section with some information about the site itself was added to the site.
  9. Several new funny bits were added to the Humour collection.

Site Presentation Changes

  1. The Links Page now has a table of contents.
  2. The Presentations' Sub-Categories were populated and are now more usable. Plus, some of the presentations' front pages are more usable now.
  3. I've set up Google Ads for the pages of the site, and also added a donation button. If you like the site, please consider donating.
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