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Friday, May 27th, 2011

Translations of Stories to Hebrew (For the Alternative Book Week)


Here are the recent updates for Shlomi Fish’s Homepage. Most of these are ongoing translations of various English stories to Hebrew. These were done in preparation for the “Alternative Book Week” in Tel Aviv University (see its Facebook page). It is going to take place on Tuesday, 31 May 2011 between 09:30 and 16:30 in Tel Aviv University, next to the Gilman building, the department of Humanities. Several independent writers are going to read from their prose there, including me. You are welcome to attend, listen to the participating writers, and provide us with welcome support and input. Hope to see you there!

There’s a new joke in the aphorisms and quotes page:

In Soviet Russia, cats own you. No, wait! Cats own you everywhere.

I posted the first part of my Selena Mandrake - The Slayer screenplay to its place in FanFiction.net where one can rate it and post comments. There is some new text in the ideas for the future document.

I started preparing a Hebrew translation of my Humanity - The Movie screenplay.

There are two new fortunes in fortune collection.

We now mirror the web parody “Uncomfortable Questions: Was the Death Star Attack an Inside Job?” (via Websurdity and Debunking 911).

The various screenplays in English in the stories section now have better capitalisation, punctuation and grammar, and their visual style was also improved. There are also many grammatical corrections to the story The Human Hacking Field Guide and a lot of progress was made in its Hebrew translation.

The XML-Grammar-Fiction page now contains coverage of Screenplay-Text and Screenplay-XML, as well as examples for the grammars and their outputs.


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Friday, May 13th, 2011

“Selena Mandrake” and Improvements to Other Stories


Here is what’s new on Shlomi Fish’s Homepage since the last update. It’s been a month and there are many major changes.

A new work-in-progress screenplay titled Selena Mandrake - The Slayer can be found in the stories section. This is a supernatural dramedie, that is a parody/tribute/spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and some other works of fiction and non-fiction. I have a pretty good roadmap for what I’d like to write there so I hope to get the first draft soon.

Selena: This reminds me. I really should update my Mandriva system at home. I have not in several days, now. And to think I originally had my friend Aaron install Mandrake Linux for me, because I thought it was cool that it was called the same as my last name.

Jessica: Heh, maybe you should become Selena Mandriva now.

Jonathan: Or Selena Mageia.

[ Selena bursts out laughing. ]

Selena: That sounds like a name of a vampire slayer… or a vampire.

Jonathan: Or both.

Selena: Yeah. I told you about how I was nicknamed “Puffy” and then “Buffy” during one summer camp, right?

Jessica: Yes, many times.

Selena: Yeah, I found it amusing at the time. For a while afterwards, I insisted that my friends call me “Buffy” until I realised it was silly, and reverted back to “Selena”.

I’ve also began translating the second version of my novella The Human Hacking Field Guide to Hebrew. One can find the ongoing Hebrew translation and its Fiction-Text source, under CC-by-sa - same licence as the English original. In addition, I can say that the story is being translated to Modern Standard Arabic in the OpenDocument format by an Egyptian enthusiast of open-source software, and more translations will be welcome.

In addition to all that, version 7 of my novella The Enemy and How I Helped to Fight It, in Hebrew and English, with many improvements is now available online. I especially would like to thank Miriam Erez Translations for providing some copy-editing work.

Moreover, I explicitly marked many of the the works of fiction on the site, the essays, and the software resources with a Creative Commons licence. Share and enjoy!

There are some style tweaks, I’ve documented the use of the EvilPHish emblem, and there are some new fortune cookies:

  • rindolf: Mithaldu: I think most contemporary T.V. kinda sucks.
  • rindolf: Mithaldu: it seems very phony.
  • Mithaldu: rindolf: same, i haven’t actually switched on my tv in five years
  • rindolf: I prefer a YouTube video of a kitten riding on a turtle.
  • rindolf: Mithaldu: :-)
  • Mithaldu: :D
  • rindolf: Mithaldu: yes.
  • rindolf: Mithaldu: there is one, BTW.
  • Mithaldu: oh i do not doubt that
  • rindolf: Don’t know if it’s authentic.
  • rindolf: I saw a friendly cat today, and he purred after I scratched his head.
  • rindolf: I like Friendly cats.
  • rindolf: I think lolcats are very subversive.
  • rindolf: Or were.
  • rindolf: “Ceiling cat is watching you”
  • Mithaldu: cats are the definition of subversive
  • Mithaldu: they adopt you
  • rindolf: Mithaldu: heh.
  • rindolf: In Soviet Russia, cats own you!
  • rindolf: In Soviet Russia, cats are your master!
  • rindolf: Well, in Soviet Russia and everywhere.
  • kent\n: rindolf: you got it backwards.
  • kent\n: In soviet russia, cats are actually your pets.
  • Mithaldu: hahaha
  • rindolf: kent\n: heh.
  • rindolf: kent\n++
  • rindolf: I feel better now.
  • rindolf: Empowered but calm.
  • rindolf: Thanks to the cats jokes.
  • Mithaldu: world healing by cat jokes
  • rindolf: Hopefully, I’ll sleep well tonight.
  • kent\n: Next on the agenda. DICK JOKES!
  • rindolf: Mithaldu: cats are good for healing I think.
  • rindolf: kent\n: NO!!!!!
  • kent\n: ( don’t worry, this won’t take long )
  • Mithaldu: yes, as long as you do not own cables
  • Mithaldu: kent\n: you mean it won’t BE very long
  • Mithaldu: hurr hurr
  • rindolf: kent\n: I’ve got 99 problems but kent\n ain’t one.
  • kent\n: ;)

Hope you enjoy the new stuff on the site and stay tuned for more.

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