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The Homesite Build Instructions are Operational Again

The build instructions for the main site are now operational again after a long time when they were out-of-date. Part of the reason why they were not kept out of date was that the public sources of the site have grown out-of-date from those stored in my local copy. This was recently fixed with some kind insights and guidance by Matt S. Trout. Since I promised 50 U.S. Dollars to the first person that will help me fix my source control problems, and Matt provided all the help I ended up needing, I will donate them on his behalf to the Enlightened Perl Organisation. Many thanks!

And here are the rest of the changes in the site’s content that took place since the last update - for those who are not only interested in building it.

There are two new bits in the collection of Aphorisms:

God gave us two eyes and ten fingers so we will type five times as much as we read.

The File-Find-Object homepage was updated with more text.

There are new links in the against bad software pages.

A lot of broken HTML and XHTML in the site was fixed, and all the pages were made to validate.

New Fortune Cookies were added and existing ones were fixed (and there are some more in the pipe):

Mel|work Yaakov: icke==troll?
rindolf Mel|work: no, he’s not a troll.
Yaakov Mel|work: No, icke is just... enthusiastic about “channel purity”
Mel|work k....
* rindolf hates when people abuse the == operator in English for “contained in”
apeiron rindolf, “icke contained in troll”? That’s not what Mel|work meant.
tarbo sure he did, if you make troll a set of users
rindolf apeiron: what he meant by icke == troll is that icke belongs to the set of trolls.
rindolf apeiron: not that every troll in the world is icke.
apeiron rindolf, No, he was asking if icke is a troll.
icke $icke->isa(‘Troll’);
icke (false)
rindolf apeiron: is-a means “contained in the set of objects with the property of”
rindolf apeiron: mathematically speaking.
apeiron rindolf, Okay, so you’re assigning the mathematical meaning of == to its usage in a *perl* channel?
apeiron rindolf, Now who’s fiddling with meanings, eh?
rindolf apeiron: whatever.
apeiron ‘whatever’ is what those who have lost their argument say.
rindolf apeiron: whatever.
apeiron ^ QED
rindolf apeiron: whatever.
PerlJam apeiron: I thought that’s what people who don’t care say.
apeiron PerlJam, If one doesn’t care, they wouldn’t respond.
PerlJam apeiron: whatever
PerlJam ;-)
rindolf LOL.

A coverage and commentary section was added to the recently published “Optimizing Code for Speed” essay.

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