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Toggle Squares Game, A New Privacy Policy, and Other Updates

The Toggle Squares game whose link was broken, and non-functional, was restored and placed on the main site, as a pure-JavaScript game. A method for solving it is explained in the MathVentures section.

A privacy policy has been added to the site. I’d like to thank a friend who is also a webmaster for allowing me to borrow and adapt his privacy policy.

The Anti-Apple Page now contains 99 items with links. Other pages against bad software were also updated.

The page about the Mastering Cat book, which proved to be very popular has been updated with “Thanks” and “Coverage” sections.

There are new Fortune Cookies in the collection:

Well, it’s not a threat - it’s a warning, and he won’t be harmed much by acting against my advice. A threat is something like “Stop posting political posts or I will burn your house, rape your wife and daughters, banish you to the middle of Antarctica, convert all your Perl code to PHP, and then post it on”

My Resumés have been enhanced and updated.

There is a new version of the First-Come First-Served Readers/Writers Lock.

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