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New Slogans’ Art Page, New “Objectivism and Open Source” and Improvements to the Humour Pages

There’s a new page in the computer art section with graphic designs for slogans in SVG formats. Unless noted otherwise, they are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 (Unported) licence. Next, I’m planning to prepare some more designs, and make some merchandise based on them.

"Don’t believe in fairies" thumbnail

The style of the sites’ pages was tweaked, so the main article text will be wider.

The licensing of Humanity - The Movie was clarified.

There are new shlomif UNIX fortune cookies and some new ones in subversion:

bzr is slower than Subversion in combination with Sourceforge.

Dazjorz (17-September-2009)

The ideas page of The Blue Rabbit’s Log screenplay was heavily reformatted.

There’s some new text in the Conclusions and reviews of The Human Hacking Field Guide.

The Second Revision of my essay “Objectivism and Open Source” is available.

I added a list of “planets” (= feed aggregators) that syndicate my blogs.

Many spelling/grammar/etc. errors were corrected in the Perl for Newbies series courtesy of Mike McClain.

I hope you enjoy these new additions, and have a happy Sukkoth!

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