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New Programs, New Fortunes, and a New Revision of “The Case for Drug Legalisation”

I added the 5^n riddle page to the puzzles section.

Two new fortunes have been added to the fortunes’ collection:

  • rindolf: Su-Shee: “I always wonder why the people I hang out with are so pedantic. And then I remember: because they are so pedantic.” — a Perl-ILer. ;-)
  • Zaba: rindolf, because they use warnings
  • * rindolf adds “use Zaba;” to his code.
  • Zaba: oh no, I’m being used!
  • * rindolf adds “abuse Zaba;” to his code.
  • rindolf: Next: “misuse Zaba;”
  • Zaba: ouch!

The English version of “The Case for Drug Legalisation” is now at the second revision with a note about “Why Politicians Support The Prohibition”.

There’s now an automated solver for Black Hole Solitaire available on the site and I also started maintaining libtap again. I also added a Ruby script for setting the names (and number) of XFCE’s workspaces/virtual desktops.

Links to some prominent programs were added to the Directory of Numerical Software page.

The annoying text-on-hover over the sections of all the DocBook/XML-based essays (using the title attribute) was eliminated by using a DocBook/XSL customisation.

Finally, I performed many changes to the homepage’s internals and build system that will allow for an easier maintenance into the future.

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