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“Escape from GNU Autohell”, List of Editors and IDEs and Factoids’ Fortunes Collection

There’s a new joke in the aphorisms’ collection:

English spelling aims to be consistent. Publicly and methodically.

I added a new fortune cookies’ collection with factoids about Chuck Norris/etc., concentrating the ones from the collections of facts section. There are also some new fortune cookies there:

  • Shlomif:BTW, have you read my stories yet?
  • Sjors:I haven’t
  • Shlomif:Ah.
  • Shlomif:If you read my stories, I’ll give you 1,000,000 virtual dollars.
  • Sjors:Causing me to have a lot of extra virtual time!
  • Shlomif:And be virtually rich.
  • Shlomif:And then you can virtually bribe virtual politicians.
  • Shlomif:And buy a lot of virtual goods.
  • Shlomif:LOL.
  • Sjors:Then, I’d be virtually happy
  • Sjors:Too bad... :P
  • Shlomif:It’s a virtual win-win situation.
  • Shlomif:You can hire many virtual programmers to write a lot of virtual code for KMess.
  • Shlomif:“My old virtual dad used to say to me: ‘virtual money does not bring you virtual happiness, my virtual son.’”

There’s a new page with a list of text editors and IDEs. I also added a page titled “Escape from GNU Autohell!” explaining why the GNU Autotools suck so much and why you should switch to CMake or a different (and better) alternative.

I added a new Greasemonkey script for providing self-links for headers with an id= attribute.

The Freecell Solver project intro now contains a summary.

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