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“COBOL - The New Age Programming Language”, “Don’t Abuse JavaScript”, and other news

There’s a new parodical page titled “COBOL - The New Age Programming Language”:


And so do:

  • Your bank.
  • Your insurance company.
  • Your government.

COBOL runs your life.

A new page “Don’t Abuse JavaScript!” has been added.

JavaScript has become popular due to being useful for scripting browsers, which is acceptable due to being the only commonly-acceptable portable choice for that. However, lately, it has been utilised as a host language for many other realms where there are far saner and superior alternatives.

This page aims to explain why JavaScript should not be abused for such stuff.

There are new fortune cookies:

  • dxtr: Do we have any doctors in here?
  • rindolf: dxtr: with Ph.D. or M.D.?
  • munik: I have a PhD in Linguistics!
  • munik: ^ lie
  • munik: :]
  • dxtr: rindolf: I don’t care as long as they can treat patients
  • rindolf: dxtr: heh.
  • munik: :o
  • munik:
  • munik: might be better than #perl
  • dxtr: rindolf: That question would be fun in combat. “WE NEED A DOCTOR HERE!” - “PH.D OR M.D!?”

More recommended open source programs have been added to the favourite open source programs page, including Xfce, Pidgin, tmux and htop.

The Cross-platform abstraction libraries is now licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence.

There’s now a list of calculators on the numerical software page.

There are new links in the “Stop Using Internet Explorer” page the anti-Apple page, and in the PHP Sucks page,

A greasemonkey script to fix a annoyance has been added to the Greasemonkey scripts section. Furthermore, the remove “from=rss” script was updated to deal with the even more obnoxious “from=rss” suffix in recent URLs.

I added details of my Acer Laptop to the “Computers’ Specifications” question on the FAQ.

The site’s source page was updated with up-to-date instructions.

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