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Recent Site Updates

First I'd like to note that from now on, I'd like to update this website's blog more often upon every new addition. Hopefully, I can persist with it. In any case, here are the changes to the site since the last update:

  1. My still-incomplete Frequently Asked Questions List was added to the site.
  2. The site look and feel were improved to make it more usable and attractive to first time visitors. There are now some new navigation arrows prepared with the GIMP. Plus, some new section menus were added to the sections.
  3. New Essays:
    1. Choice of Document Formats
    2. Create a Great Personal Homesite (Updated).
    3. The Case for Drug Legalisation
  4. Corollaries to "To err is human" were added to the humour page
  5. The Open Source Software Section was heavily revamped to make it more usable and generally better.
  6. Added a "How to help this site page."
  7. The humorous geek song "I Like Job Control" is now part of the site.
  8. Many new fortune cookies were added to the fortune cookies' collection.
  9. As usual there are many new links in the links page
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