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“HTML 6” and a List of Graphics Applications

Here are the recent updates for Shlomi Fish’s Homepage.

  1. A new bit “Announcing ‘HTML 6’, the New Version of the Web” was published on 1 April 2015:

    1 April, 2015, Tel Aviv, Israel: Today, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) announced the immediate availability of the new version of the web — HTML 6 — pronounced “HTML Sicks [sic]” with the motto “HTML 6 is sick!”. “We concluded that the previous version of the World Wide Web’s standards suite, HTML5, has exceeded its flexibility and usability, and we need to start over”, said Tim Berners-Lee, the director of the W3C.

  2. There’s a new list of “Alternative” commercial models for Web-based commerce that do not involve intrusive advertising.

  3. There’s a new list of graphics software applications.

  4. We now mirror (“Gentoo is Rice”), and the old feature “How to Make Square Corners with CSS”, which disappeared from the Web.

  5. There are new factoids in the collections of factoids about people and thing:

    A rose by a name picked by Chuck Norris, will smell sweeter.

    The reason the Messiah has not come yet, is because Chuck Norris keeps finding faults in God’s plan for his coming.

  6. There are new quotes in the collection of Aphorisms:

    Some people grow older and wiser. Not I. I grow older and more foolish.

Hope you enjoy all that, and if you’re Jewish, I hope you enjoy the upcoming Rosh Hashanah and the rest of the Jewish Autumn holidays.

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