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What's New? The Commercial Fanfiction Initiative - May 2021

The Commercial Fanfiction Initiative

The biggest news is the commercial fanfiction initiative, which aims to make the film industry flourish just like open music on youtube/etc. or FOSS in the software world. The scope is somewhat larger, covering accepting screenplays in easier-to-write formats, and being communicative about why a screenplay was rejected.

Some people online told me "commercial fanfiction will never happen" and two fellow writers of (gratis, Internet-hosted) fanfiction said it will be "unethical" to try to profit off other writers' hard work. However, I recall people expressing similar sentiments about open source software and early music file swapping / file sharing / "piracy" and Wikipedia… I often grow older and more foolish, and some people do support the cause.

I also wouldn't call the current situation with many beautiful, competent, and either famous or budding actors and actresses unemployable, a lack of screenplay submissions, franchise fatigue, and film makers and executives increasingly feeling depressed and trapped and general watchers dissatisfaction "ethical". The enemies of commercial fanfic are recent bylaws, and court precedents. Guidelines!

And I have a plan forward, which isn't set in stone, and may require improvisation, and may fail. Spoiler: any of these lawsuits:

  1. $MEGA_CORP vs. Emma Watson Films.

  2. $MEGA_CORP vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger Films.

  3. $MEGA_CORP vs. Joss Whedon Films.

(And many more naturally.) Will cause $MEGA_CORP's stock's value to plummet. One does not simply say “no” to an Alpha Female.

Other stuff:

Image macros ("captioned images", "memes") page, and a subsection of short true stories, and new quotes and new factoids and a farfetched crossover hypothesis about the origins of consciousness and insanity.

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