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Changes at Shlomi Fish Homesite

It's been about two weeks since my last update, and here's what's new:

  1. A currently partial list of my favourite compact discs is now live. Creating this list involved a large amount of DTD, XSLT, Perl, and CSS hacking on the XML-Grammar-ProductsSyndication framework, that was written from scratch to facilitate making construction of such lists possible by and others.

    I will add the missing CDs as time goes by, and will also later on add lists for fiction books and for movies, as well as convert the existing non-fiction books recommendations into the new framework.

  2. More pages on the site were made to validate according to the World-wide-web consortium standards, and some ancient leftovers that were no longer important were removed.

  3. My list of favourite open source software was updated, with many corrections, added programs and a new navigation menu.

  4. My memoirs as a programmer from High School were heavily fixed and updated.

Tags: grammar, homesite, memoirs, products, shlomi fish, syndication, valid html, xml
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