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Changes since September

It's been 2 months since the last update. I haven't been working on the homesite as much as I used to, but still there are some updates worthy of mention.

In the UNIX fortunes front, I added the nyh-sigs file to the collection, which includes a collection of quotes from the email signatures of Nadav Har'El. This warranted a new second digit of the fortunes-shlomif collection - and it's now version 0.8.0. Moreover, several new entries were added to the bottom of the shlomif, tinic, and shlomif-fav collections .

The puzzle section now features the "Book under a Rock" situation puzzle as well as the Lotg code.

Two new "Bits and Bobs programs" were added: A KAddressBook porting script, and an Amarok script for recording per-song volumes.

Several new CD recommendations were added to the Music recommendations. Furthermore, the Non-fiction Books' Recommendations Page was heavily revamped.

My contributions to are now mentioned in the Open Source Contributions Page.

Finally, the entire site (including many obscure pages) was made to validate and many broken links were fixed.

Tags:, fish, fortunes, homesite, nadav harel, recommendations, shlomi, shlomif, situation puzzles, valid html
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