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New Changes for 06-November-2005

Here are the new changes to Shlomi Fish' personal site since the last update

  1. Many grammatical, spelling and syntactical errors were corrected, and more pages were made to validate.
  2. A New Section which will host pages against bad software that should be avoided was created featuring a new page against qmail. The anti-MSIE page is now part of it.
  3. The links in the stories page were fixed.
  4. A new E-mail with a correspondent was added to the "Case for File Swapping Page". The essay itself was expanded with two new sections.
  5. A Guide to the online Neo-Tech resources was added.
  6. Shlomi Fish' resumés were heavily updated.
  7. Added my introduction of myself to the MIT Writers.
  8. Added a search box to the front page
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