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22 December Update

Here's what is new on since the last update.

Two new bits were added to the humour collection:

We don't know his cellphone number, and even if we did, we would tell you that we didn't know it.

Moreover and not-unusually, some new fortune cookies were added to the fortune cookies collection.

The new workaround for Mozilla-based browsers (such as Firefox) workaround may be of interest to Israeli-based job seekers.

Also on the software front, the XChat /nowplay script was updated to have Amarok support.

The anti-bad-software pages were updated with new links and with other updates.

There are new links in the links page.

Many non-validating pages (according to the W3C standards) were made to validate, and so most of the site should now be fully valid.

Have fun, everybody, and in case it's relevant - happy holidays!

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