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Homesite News for 1 March

Two new bits were added to the humour collection:

What do you mean by "WDYM"?

A list of Israeli open-source projects has been resurrected from a wiki that went offline. Since it was set up, several new projects have been added there.

My essay, "The Case for Drug Legalisation" has been updated with new sections and some typos were corrected.

New fortune cookies have been added to the shlomif collection, the Joel on Software collection, and the shlomif-fav (Shlomi Fish Favourites) collection,

New links were added to the against Apple page, the links against MySQL page, the page with links against Windows Vista, the Stop Using Internet Explorer page, and to the "Case for File Swapping" page.

Happy Reading!

Tags: aphorisms, apple, bits, case, drugs, explorer, file swapping, fortune cookies, funny, humour, israeli, legalisation, legalization, links, list, msie, open-source, projects, vista
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