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New Programs and Other Updates

The Greasemonkey Scripts page was updated with a new "Get Rid of 'from=rss' in the URL" script (useful for people who are subscribed to the web feeds of or similar), and two specialised scripts for helping in the transcription of the "Ozy and Millie comics"

I added a page about the File-Find-Object CPAN Module (originally by Olivier Thauvin) which has been an ongoing project of mine recently.

Open Text Summarizer was added to the List of Israeli Open Source Projects.

New links were added to the anti-Apple page, the anti-MySQL page, the page about Windows Vista, and the "Stop Using Internet Explorer!" page

The Fortune Cookies Page was updated with new fortune cookies.

The Essay "Why Closed Books are So 19th-Century" was updated.

Tags: apple, closed books, file-find, fortune, fortunes, greasemonkey, ie, libots, millie, msie, mysql, nanardon, object, open content, ots, ozy, perl, rss, slashdot, transcription,, vista, web feeds
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